We were flying to Acapulco on the day after our wedding

“We were flying to Acapulco on the day after our wedding. There was another couple sitting in front of us, and I pointed them out to my husband because the woman had a huge rock on her finger. Later we saw the same couple at our hotel check-in, so we decided to introduce ourselves. It turned out that they’d also gotten married the day before. The woman introduced herself as Dee, and we hit it off immediately. The four of us ended up spending our entire honeymoon together. There was a lot of alcohol– so it’s kinda a blur. I think we did the cliff diving thing. And I remember Dee getting sunburned so bad that she soaked her feet in the hotel ice bucket. But mainly I just remember a lot of laughing. At the end of the trip, Dee and I agreed to keep in touch. We went on more vacations together. We raised our kids together. Our marriages didn’t last, but our friendship did. It’s been thirty years since Acapulco and we’re closer than we’ve ever been. I probably spoke to her five times yesterday—just about nothing. Every Friday and Saturday we have happy hour on the phone. We usually drink Cosmos, unless we’re drinking wine. Because recently Dee turned me on to white wine. She also got me into Birkenstocks. And birding. But I’m the one that got us into yoga. And body pillows. She still thanks me for the body pillows because they’ve done wonders for her shoulder pain. Last month she came to visit and we took up puzzling together. We did an entire puzzle featuring sixteen different types of succulents, then I took her to Big Lots. Dee’s always been snobby about discount stores, but she left with an eight-pack of hot sauce and an entire set of Christmas placemats. So I think I’ve turned her on to Big Lots. I don’t know—it’s nothing special. But Dee is the closest female friend I’ve ever had. She’s my soulmate. And we’ve both agreed that if neither of us meet a man, we’re going to retire together. We’re going to find a place in Asheville, and hike all day. And have a Cosmo every night. For the longest time we celebrated our anniversaries together on October 8th. But now we celebrate our Friendversary instead, on October 9th– which is the day we met.”

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