Repurchase of real estate credit with extension works installation aluminum

Real estate investment through bank loans attracts many French households. Some prefer to invest in the old one to benefit from a more affordable selling price, others prefer to buy in the new one to avoid the work to be done. In both cases, however, first-time homeowners may still wish to renovate their joineries since they no longer perform their functions and do not have the necessary means to finance this renovation. The purchase of a real estate loan with extension works installation aluminum is precisely for them. This banking technique allows them to reduce the number of monthly payments to be made while benefiting from a cash loan. Explanations


How does the repurchase of real estate credit with extension work aluminum installation work?

To access a real estate asset, households that cannot pay cash for a house or apartment take out a bank loan. At the same time, they can also take out other loans such as car loans, household appliances, etc. to improve their quality of life. If they have a stable professional situation, they should not normally face difficulties in paying debts. However, they may face difficult month ends if life accidents such as the death of a spouse, divorce, illness over a long period of time … occur. To be able to keep their property, owners entering this precarious financial situation are advised to buy back their real estate loans

This repurchase consists of looking for a banking institution that can combine its various outstanding loans into a single loan to reduce the single monthly payment while spreading out the repayment of the loan over a longer period of time. The reduction in the monthly charge can be as much as 60%. Thanks to this debt consolidation, borrowers can regain their purchasing power and reduce their debt ratio. The banks that offer this debt exit also allow them to apply for new financing called “cash flow”. This extended credit will be included in the total cost of the buyback along with the borrower’s social and tax debts if any. This additional package does not require the payment of application fees or borrower’s insurance and benefits from the same renegotiated contract rate.

The amount of cash generally does not exceed 15% of the pooled amount. Subscribers to this package can use it to finance aluminum installation work in their homes. The subscription to this additional credit is interesting for homeowners because its APR is cheaper than the rate of a revolving loan. Also, this amount will be included in the reduced monthly payment, which allows them not to explode their debt again


What is the cost of an aluminum installation work?

To improve the energy performance of a house, it is relevant to check the insulating capacity of the walls of a house while renovating aluminum windows and patio doors. This has a double effect: double glazing with aluminum windows prevents heat loss while meeting aesthetic expectations. A pretty house or apartment with an aluminum bay window can also attract many potential buyers who can offer a more attractive selling price. For this reason, sellers who wish to sell their property at the best price will carry out restoration work and thermal insulation work to get a better selling price.

The aluminum manufacturing materials are available in several colors. The cost of installing aluminum windows and doors depends on the surface area, the place of residence of the person, but also the orientation of the windows and their style (French-style or tilt and turn windows). The estimate includes the installation of the masonry of metal girders with the installation of the renovation of the old window frame. If the owner wishes to create an opening, the average price of this service is around 2 450 HT with the evacuation of the rubble. As for the installation and the price of a 215X180 cm aluminum French window, it amounts to approximately 1,071 euros including all taxes. For a standard size window of 75×60 cm, count approximately 525 euros including all taxes, the installation not included in this estimate

The amount of cash that can reach 30 000 euros can take care of these expenses. Thanks to the realization of this aluminum installation work extension, the housing can reduce its energy consumption while improving its acoustic performance. It is recommended to use a professional craftsman for the installation of these windows because the quality of the installation is very important. Note that it is also possible to benefit from a 5% VAT reduction if the windows installed meet thermal performance standards and if a professional RGE carries out the work.


How to benefit from a loan buyback with cash for aluminum work in your home?

This financial solution is primarily intended for owners who are accessing or have already paid for their property. And the real estate loan must make up more than 60% of the loans to be grouped for the operation to be classified as a real estate loan buyback. This arrangement makes it possible to consolidate debts of up to 200,000 euros to be repaid over a 15-year period and without collateral, compared with 400,000 euros and more with real security.

To access this debt consolidation with works cash without moving and in record time, it is recommended to use a buyback simulator. This free, no-obligation tool at the top of this site helps future subscribers to quickly obtain a debt consolidation offer if their profile is eligible for this arrangement. To do so, they simply need to fill in the form with financial data such as the amount of their outstanding capital, the amount of their outstanding property and consumer loans, their fixed monthly income, and expenses… It is during this simulation that they must also indicate the amount of the extension dedicated to the aluminum installation work in the “cash” box. It is advisable to calculate this amount carefully because if it is insufficient, the work to be done may not be finished. And if it is too high, it may increase the total cost of the purchase

After filling out this form and entering the data that will remain confidential between us and the borrower, our analyst will review the data. This analysis allows him to identify whether the borrower’s project is feasible or not. If he finds that the loan restructuring project is feasible, the buyout candidate can obtain a debt consolidation proposal after the simulation. This proposal is valid for a maximum of 2 months.

It should also be noted that according to the Murcef law, the candidate for this operation has nothing to pay if the repurchase offer proposed by the broker does not meet his expectations. This is why we always recommend to subscribers to use this free simulation tool to facilitate access to the buyback while avoiding wasting their time.

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